Tungsten Rings

A notable wedding ring should have features that include toughness, resistance from tear and an envious bold look. Mad Tungsten Rings Australia provides you with every quality a wedding band require and in addition to it, the no-rubbish approach to its quality is what makes Mad Tungsten Bands a distinguished trend setter. With not just rings that serve the wedding purpose, fashionable rings for every day uses and for special occasions are some of the many specialties we prosper.
Our wide range of tungsten Bands includes Black Tungsten rings, Gun Metal Tungsten rings, Gold Tungsten Wedding Rings, Carbon Fibre Tungsten rings, Kevlar Tungsten rings and Ceramic Tungsten rings. Designed to perfection, Mad Tungsten bands are carved and inlaid with materials which beautifies and strengthens the bold look of tungsten.Aside from the enormous pre-designed collection, the option of designing a custom ring with choices of your own is what makes Mad Tungsten Bands unique. The option of adding groves, stripes, layers of carbon fiber and Kevlar are some of the many personalization options that are provided.
Mad Tungsten – A ring veteran.