Wedding rings have remained as everlasting symbols signifying the unison of two souls in love and commitment for many centuries. No matter what ideology you follow and the type of lifestyle you adopt, you will surely not wish to skip the ritual of exchanging wedding rings during marriage. It is such a magical moment everyone looks forward to.  This means, wedding rings are no ordinary items and in a way reflect quite a lot of things including taste, style, personality, status and many more. Simply by looking at a ring one can presume if the wearer is of a traditional or contemporary type. But since the inception of wedding rings, the trend has seen sea of a change. Wedding rings are seen as precious items with a high sentimental value that they are hardly removed from the fingers till the obvious happens. Only a broken marriage or death of the spouse will result in their removal. But sometimes difficult situations might also warrant its removal. This could happen to a hard-core sportspersons, persons involved in strenuous work or to those who work with sharp objects and so on. Unlike other metal rings, tungsten wedding rings need not have to be removed even when involved in the above said situations as they are one of the hardest, virtually indestructible materials found on earth. They do not get scratched, such is their durability. But one important thing to consider while selecting these rings is to see that they properly fit the fingers. This not only avoids losing them but also stays comfortable on the fingers without causing any hindrance to the wearer.

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For many centuries gold rings and diamond rings have dominated over other types because not only are they precious and do not lack lustre even after years together of use but also for the reason that they are capable of enduring the wear and tear caused by day-to-day activities. Gold rings and diamond rings were and still are a popular choice among tradition lovers. These rings once exclusive to only couples of affluent societies have become affordable to all. Thanks to light-weight rings and solitaires that feature a single diamond. Now, couples can choose rings in different designs, settings, band thickness, brands and even cuts.  In a way technology too has contributed to the increase in the manufacture of rings in various sizes and shapes. Laser technology is one such technological wonder that has brought a sea of a change in the manner rings are shaped and created. Engravings done using laser minimizes wastage yet producing an eye-catching effect and that too with perfection. Platinum rings too became famous because of technological advancements that enabled the innovation of tools to fashion them. But then, like diamonds, platinum too was and is considered as a metal exclusive for the affluent, owing to its skyrocketing value. In fact, many leading jewelry stores combined these exquisite materials to produce platinum rings studded with diamonds to make some of the one-of-a-kind types. But after the world faced economic slowdown, not many could afford to buy expensive rings made of gold and platinum forcing many to look for some affordable yet durable options. And this was the time many options like the rings made from titanium and tungsten emerged in the jewelry circles. These types offered a much awaited and expected distinctive appearance to the otherwise usual wedding rings yet were available at pocket-friendly values. The same way dual tone ring and tri tone ring combinations too became viable options as the designs allowed combining affordable metals with expensive ones to make them reasonable.

Wedding rings trends can also be analyzed with respect to the color of the metal used for creating wedding rings.  In ancient times yellow colored metals ruled the roost and gold topped the list. Do not think that gold has lost its sheen. This yellow colored metal still have takers but most often by people with a traditional view and outlook. Initially gold bands were plain, later they were fashioned in different types of designs by incorporating a certain amount of copper with this metal to make it slightly malleable. When diamonds became a status symbol, gold rings were made with one or more diamonds of various fascinating cuts, sizes and settings to give the rings a touch of sophistication. Then, the white colored platinum rings became a vogue and were considered epitome of elegance. The everlasting shine and durability offered by this white metal was incomparable with others. But the downside was that this metal was not affordable to all, only the rich, powerful and creamy layer of the society could enjoy flaunting it while others got satisfied wearing the yellowish gold metal. To add twist to the white color fever and to satiate their urge to wear a white colored ring, wearers started looking for other practical options. Jewelers too understood the demand and hence came up with rings made from cheaper choices like silver rings. But to the dismay of both the parties, this metal did not stand up to the demands and wishes. Being a very malleable metal, silver got easily damaged due to the brunt of everyday chores and required frequent polishing to maintain its appearance. This was the time everyone’s attention turned towards tungsten and titanium rings in white color.


Titanium, palladium and tungsten are referred to as space-age metals and have a wide appeal among tech-savvy wearers who love something high-tech and modern. These metals are also hypo-allergenic in nature than even wearers with sensitive skin can wear them without any worries. It could be said that these high-tech metals have softened the fine line between trendy rings and wedding rings as they can be worn as both the types. When compared to titanium tungsten proved that it is a dependable metal with some amazing properties. Tungsten rings remarkably withstood the wear and tear caused by daily chores yet did not lose its shape and sheen.  Its everlasting polishing done using diamond tools won accolades. Not only this, tungsten rings have a density similar to that of gold rings that they looked and felt solid on the hands. Presently it is the black revolution that has taken the world by storm. Hence black tungsten rings are in huge demand than ever before. Earlier considered as men’s rings alone, these types have now won the hearts of women too. Even youngsters find them funky and cool. Comfort ability is another main factor for choosing these rings.  You can pair these rings with formal, casual or even party attire and look stylish at all times. You find them in both masculine and feminine wedding ring patterns along with or without the addition of other colored metals and gems.

With the passage of time and due to the widespread use of the internet expectations of the end users has grown exponentially. Now you can easily find out what is trending all over the globe with just a click of a mouse. You can either go with the change or choose to remain unique by choosing an out-of-the-ordinary type. Even though wedding rings trends keep changing, some types stay there forever. Let us look at some popular wedding designs that have stood by the test of time and also the ones that are trending at present.

Plain bands irrespective of the type of metal look wonderful. You can choose them in gold, platinum and tungsten if you are planning to use them as wedding bands since they are comfortable for daily use and at the same time appear pleasing to the eye.  The modern version of plain bands can be obtained in some unusual hues like the ones made from rose gold, white gold, green gold and so on. For a personalized touch, names of couples or love quotes can be engraved on them. You could choose between hand engravings and laser engravings. The former method is a traditional one while the latter makes use of the latest technology to make the engravings clear, clean and above all perfect.  Likewise you can decide to opt for either engravings on the inner side or outer side and also choose for simple or elaborate texts or images. Normally texts found wedding bands includes sentimental quotes, romantic lyrics, words, marriage dates, proposal dates and even venue details.  While images engraved on these rings are often related to the heart such as cupids, hearts, and symbols in foreign languages and even with a religious touch. Since the above mentioned engravings are usual, couples of this new age are trying something unique like engraving their finger prints, coordinated wedding rings showcasing partial phrases that will look complete only when adjoined with each other. Map coordinates of wedding venue and proposal venues are finding their way into these rings.


Antique and vintage types too seldom go out of fashion and are in high demand especially during wedding season. Brides love to wear Art Deco, Edwardian and Victorian patterns. Paisley rings with leaves, scrolls and flowers engraved on base metals can be worn as stand-alone rings. Filigree work and the ones featuring ancient European type centre cut gemstones in round shape always entice women of all ages.

Stacked wedding rings otherwise known as eternity rings too can get the attention of the on-lookers, instantly. When worn in tri-colored metal tones, these provide a contemporary appearance.  Rings showcasing colored gemstones are all time chartbusters.  The sparkling hues of sapphire, diamonds and emeralds will make you want to possess them for sure.

Solitaire rings exhibiting one magnificent diamond or other precious gemstone too have a huge fan following. This particular type is most often preferred by persons with a simplistic ideology while pave set smaller sized stones are opt by wearers with a delicate nature. These types can be created using both traditional and modern metals such as gold, platinum, silver and tungsten.

If you desire for something that is a mix of spirituality and beauty, then Celtic scrolls and knots in single tone, double tone or bejewelled with gemstones would be the right choice. Braided types even though appear similar to the Celtic types are less ornate.

Presently, tungsten carbide rings are a rage because of their traditional values and modern appearance. You can find them as black tungsten rings, gold tungsten rings, carbon fibre tungsten rings, Kevlar tungsten rings and gun metal tungsten rings. The current trend is to try something bold and unusual. Fiber inlays in bright colors like red, blue and so on in various designs can be impactful. Gold inlays can also be found in a range of colors including rose, white and yellow to add a splash of color over the greyish black base metal. To add more variety, tungsten rings in matte or brushed, polished and satin smooth finishes are produced.


Wedding rings need not have to be ready-made pieces found on the shelves of jewelry stores. They can always be created as you want them to be and such rings are known as custom made rings. This is now made possible by excellent artisans working for some of the leading and reputed jewelry stores, internet facility, advanced yet simple to use interactive web pages and outstanding customer service. A mere idea is enough to make a wedding ring of your dreams. Well-known jewelry stores provide almost all the choices to create a perfect ring. Right from the type of metal, to the size, weight, shape, style and accentuating elements including inlays, colors will be presented in the best possible manner. You can put together various attributes and visualize the outcome, immediately. No need to wait for it to take a physical shape that cannot be remodelled or refashioned again and again. With the internet facility and latest computer software, you create and recreate without any hassles and worry of financial loss till you achieve your objective that is worth cherishing the whole life. Still you find it difficult to make a choice, do not hesitate to voice out your views as jewelry stores go a step forward and would reach you in person no matter wherever you are.